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Racial Equity in Farm to School Training Series

This series, a partnership of the Farm to School Coalition of NC, Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) and we are, addresses how we use our collective power to challenge racism in education, food systems, and farm to school.

We are

2022 Racial Equity in Farm to School Training Series

Session 1 Implicit Bias: 

  • How do you define power and privilege?
  • How do our biases contribute to systemic harm?
  • How do we raise critical consciousness around racial biases of other educators and members of our community?

Session 2 Language Analysis & Speak Up: 

  • How do our communication preferences, styles, patterns disrupt or support systemic racism?
  • How can we better prepare ourselves and our community members to speak-up and challenge biased language and actions?
    • How can we prepare to respond to push back when we do Speak Up?

Session 3 History and Policy: 

  • How have policies shaped inequity in our systems?
    • How is racism structural?
    • How are agricultural policies upholding structural racism?
    • What types of policies would you design to center lived experiences and offer remedies?

Session 4 Curriculum and School Meals: 

  • How do we translate what we’ve learned into learning opportunities for the classroom? and/or for our School Nutrition programs?
  • How can we evaluate our programs and opportunities to ensure they are culturally responsive?

Session 5 Community Praxis - Sharing in farm to school: 

  • Students and teams sharing
    • How do we utilize our power in our local context to bring about change?
    • How do we utilize collaboration to bring out change? How do we embody anti-racism work in our roles as educators & community members?
    • What are the policy priorities in your context?
Racial equity session