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Strawberries - May Harvest of the Month

Strawberry Harvest of the Month Graphic - image

Each month in 2024, the Farm to School Coalition of NC will highlight a fruit or vegetable of the month. For May, we are highlighting Kale! Raw or cooked, kale is considered a superfood and is a great source of Vitamins A, C, and K! Rich in flavor and nutrients, strawberries are a tasty addition to your school garden. 


Here are a few resources that share more about the nutritional value and growing practices of strawberries:

  1.  NCDA - A Visit to the Strawberry Patch Storybook
  2. NCDA - Strawberry Lessons 
  3. NC Cooperative Extension - Strawberry Curriculum
  4.  NCDPI - Strawberry Factsheet

Let us know how you highlight strawberries in your classroom, cafeteria, and community on social media (@F2SCoalitionNC on Facebook and Instagram).