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Student Wellness Project

High school students are gathered together to increase awareness around wellness in schools by crafting a podcast and education campaign. 

Student wellness training

Student Wellness Project History

In June 2021, 24 students from across North Carolina gathered together to discuss their interest in farm to school, racial justice, environmental justice, food policy, gardens, and cooking. The group met six times through the summer and participated in a larger visioning meeting. During this meeting, students engaged with professionals working in student wellness to craft a Student-led Wellness Committee pilot for 2020/2021. The goal of Student-led Wellness Committees is to leverage farm to school relationships and student leadership to enhance school environments. 

In the fall of 2021, six students volunteered to pivot and reimagine the student wellness committee project given pandemic challenges to starting local school projects. Next steps for the project evolved into a podcast designed to increase student engagement and excitement. The student leadership team defined five starting topics: school food policy, school food inclusivity, food justice, climate justice, and school culture. 

Stay tuned for upcoming podcast episodes!