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Just Grow It

Just Grow It was an initiative led by NC Cooperative Extension which performed COVID rapid response seed distribution during school closures.

Just Grow It Website

2021 Seed Distribution

In 2021, seed kits were provided to 52 county partners to support growing projects with children and school classes.

Success story:

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted a need to address food insecurity and learning gaps for North Carolina youth and families. The 4-H Just Grow It program offered a solution to these problems by engaging students in a hands-on, experiential learning process that increased their understanding of the food system and other STEM and agriculture-related topics. In Brunswick County, 4-H partnered with a local childcare center, For Kids Only, to deliver Just Grow It to 60 children ranging in ages from 5 to 12. Youth learned about seeds, soil, and things that plants need to grow. At the end, they took seeds home so they could start their own garden.

Just Grow It Map 2021

2020 Seed Distribution

In 2020, $100 was offered to any NC Extension office to support seed distribution activities to children 0-18 years old, in which 38 counties participated.

Success Story

In Randolph County, the 4-H agent partnered with local schools delivering seed kits to a total of 1232 5th grade students and teachers. Kits provided hands-on learning for students as well as encouraging home gardens for families. Additionally, 184 early childcare classrooms with 6-8 children per class ages 3-5 received classroom seed kits. Children planted seeds in the peat pots and then moved them to their sensory gardens to watch them grow.

Just Grow It Map 2022