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Celebrate N.C. Farm to Summer Week 2021

July 18-24 is N.C. Farm to Summer Week! Summer Nutrition Sponsors, take the N.C. Farm to Summer Challenge and help us celebrate North Carolina agriculture by serving local products in your menus, hosting agricultural and nutrition education activities, sharing about Farm to Summer in your program on social media using #NCFarmtoSummer, and signing up for the 2021 N.C. Crunch.

Celebrate N.C. Farm to Summer Week 2021

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Farm to Summer is an extension of the Farm to School initiative encouraging Summer Nutrition Programs to incorporate local products in their summer meals and offer engaging activities around agricultural and nutrition education. Participating in Farm to Summer is a great way to support local North Carolina farmers and increase summer program participation by improving the quality of meals with these tasty, fresh products! In North Carolina, we’re celebrating Farm to Summer Week July 18-24, 2021! Join us in celebrating N.C. agriculture by shopping local and learning more about where your food comes from, who produces it, and how it’s made! Check out the N.C. Farm to Summer Toolkit for tips and resources.

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